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Alarm notification via tray icon 
See Notifications - Tray Icon.

Automatically run applications from removable sources as untrusted
Default setting - automatically protects your system from infection or damage when external devices are connected  to USB ports and Flash Memory Card slots.
"Your removable drives are untrusted" is shown in the Untrusted Applications list.

Consider CD/DVD drives as untrusted
Automatically protects your system from infection or damage when using CD/DVD media.

Periodically check applications from the Default Built-in List and set them as untrusted
Default setting - automatically checks once per minute to ensure that all Default Threat Gateways (Built-in list) are set as Untrusted and in the Untrusted Applications list.

Automatically remove items from rollback list
Default setting - clears items older than 30 days from the Rollback List Files and registry keys are not affected.

Run with Windows®
Administrator or Power User rights required!
Default setting - starts the program interface (GUI) with system start. 
DefenseWall service and protection is started even if unchecked.

Automatically check for updates
Default setting - DefenseWall will automatically check for new versions once per day. Please read the topic  Automatic Updates to set your personal updates preference.

Run files from local area network sources as untrusted
DefenseWall will set all applications and scripts as Untrusted if they are run from a Network location.

Show Logs
Default setting -  enables DefenseWall logging function.

Protect Plugins folders from untrusted processes manipulations
Default setting - applications plugins folders and files cannot be altered by untrusted applications or processes.

Use Whitelisting
Default setting - this is a Built-in List of 'known as  good' applications and programs. DefenseWall will automatically run the installations 'as Trusted'.  See Built-in Lists - Whitelisting for function rules.

Consider network Public (shared) folders as untrusted
Default setting - protects the user 'Public' folder.
"Your network public (shared) folders are untrusted" is shown in the Untrusted Applications List.


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