graphic Disable Protections

graphic Everything you do with protection disabled puts your system at high risk!

Do not disable protection to run an Untrusted application 'Trusted' -  use the 'Run as trusted' command (Context Menu) or use the 'Run as trusted' button from the Untrusted Applications list.  Another option is to change the file status to Trusted.

DefenseWall gives you several timed-disable options and will automatically resume protection after that time:

· 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes
· Until system restart
· Stop protection permanently

The procedure and choices are the same for HIPS, Outbound and Inbound Firewall.

Right-click the Tray Icon  graphic  - Click Disable......(module), choose the time period and click OK.  That item will show a check-mark:  graphic  indicates protection disabled.

Protection will resume automatically after the time period has expired.

'Stop protection permanently' must be re-enabled manually. 

To manually Re-enable protection, click again on the disabled item.




Disable HIPS
· All Untrusted processes running will be terminated.

· The Tray Icon turns gray.  graphic HIPS Protection is disabled!

· The menu item will show graphic check-mark.

The Main Program will show 'Defense is Disabled'.


Re-enable protection:
Click on Disable HIPS Protection in the Tray MenuCheck-mark is removed.  Tray Icon will now be in normal state graphic  - protection is enabled.
graphicIf you start an application that is on the Untrusted Applications List while HIPS is disabled, it will run as Trusted!

If you re-enable HIPS protection while any application is running in the trusted state, it will not change to 'Untrusted  -  DefenseWall will alert you.


If protection is disabled at startup, you will get a notification, and again intermittently,
until re-enabled, as long as you have not checked the "Do not show me.." box.


Disable Firewall Protection
In the same manner as above (disable HIPS), after selecting to disable the inbound or outbound firewall protection, the particular menu item will show graphic check-mark.

graphic When disabling Inbound Firewall, ensure Windows Firewall (or other) is enabled beforehand or stop/disconnect internet connection. 

The following secondary icon(s) appear in the Tray area to indicate disabled firewall protection:

· graphic Inbound Firewall disabled.

· graphic Outbound Firewall disabled.

· graphic Inbound and Outbound Firewall disabled.


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