graphic Context Menu

The Context Menu is available by right-clicking on an item (eg: application icon, folder, archive). 

Click on a menu item to carry out the action you wish to take.

Run as untrusted
Run an application or script file as Untrusted this time only.

Add to untrusted and allow Internet
Will change status (folder) to Untrusted.
Will add item to Untrusted Applications List and allow internet access.

Allow to be modified by untrusted
Adds item to File and Registry Protection Excludes.

Run as trusted
Run all components of the application or process Trusted this time only.

Change status to trusted: 
Remove Untrusted status (if item has folders: wait for confirmation message).

Allow to be accessed by trusted only
Adds item to Secured Files List.

Allow internet for untrusted processes
Gives untrusted item internet access (files and folders).

Deny internet for untrusted processes
No internet access for this untrusted item.

Deny internet for both trusted and untrusted processes
No internet access whether running trusted or untrusted.

File properties
Information about status of a selected file or folder.



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