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SoftSphere Technologies was founded in 2002.  Our mission is to create superior security software that is very easy to use and small in size.  Our goal is to make your everyday, online life a safer experience.  We invite you to test a free trial of our software.

We provide full technical support and assistance.  If you have questions, suggestions or problems with our software, feel free to contact us.  Please be as complete as possible in your request.  The better you describe your issue, the sooner we will be able to resolve it.  Please take time to first consult the Help file included in the program.

The latest  information about DefenseWall is always available at our web site:

Thank you for choosing DefenseWall.

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Ilya Rabinovich, CEO
SoftSphere Technologies
Moscow, Russian Federation 

General Inquiries:
Email support:

Registered users: 
We pride ourselves on providing first-class support.  We guarantee full technical support by email within three business days.  Our support team will usually reply in one or two days time, even during the weekend.

Non-registered users:
We provide full technical support by email as time allows.

Softsphere Support Forums:  
We provide full support for all users at the SoftSphere Technologies Forum at Gladiator Security Forums.

 Use of DefenseWall HIPS - DefenseWall Personal Firewall and all its component modules is subject to the
terms and conditions of the License Agreement you accepted at installation.

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