graphic Events Log  Module

This module contains the Log of Events generated by Untrusted processes.  Select an item and the description is shown in the text field area below.  The Events Log reports the latest 100 events.  You can also access the Events Log via the Tray Icon graphic Main Menu - Additional Commands.

Select an item, click the action button, click Apply and OK.


Allows you to filter events (do not log same event again).  If the same events are generated these will be filtered out and you will not see entries in the Events Log; nor will the Tray Icon turn red for these items even if Alarm notification via tray icon in the Options dialog check box is selected.

Allows you to delete items or a set of items.

Delete all
Will clear the log (delete all events).

Refresh the list.

Export Log
Opens Windows Explorer 'Save As'  to choose a location and save the log as a text file.



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