graphic Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ contains topics with more information about using DefenseWall.

·  What's in the Built-in Untrusted Database List? 
Default (Built-in) Untrusted

·  What's in the Built-in Protected Resources List?
Default (Built-in) Protected Resources

·  How do I install new software? 
Installing Software 

·  What are key loggers? Is my computer protected? 
Key Loggers

·  Give me some tips! 
Working with DefenseWall Lists

·  How do I deal with IE and Microsoft stuff?
Microsoft - Update / Office

·  How do I update Mozilla? What about the Extensions? 
Mozilla - Browsers / Email 

·  Are removable devices a risk?
Removable Devices

·  I installed the new DefenseWall HIPS version 'overtop' - something is wrong.
See Installing Software - even DefenseWall must be installed 'As trusted'.


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