graphic Personal Firewall - Overview

DefenseWall Personal Firewall extends the power of DefenseWall HIPS based on the simple ‘Trusted or Untrusted’ system of protection. There is no struggling with firewall settings, user modes, ports, sockets or rules. 

 graphicNo Firewall or HIPS Learning Mode
 graphicNo Setup of Ports and Sockets
 graphicNo Unwanted Restarts
 graphicNo Application Checksum Re-checks
graphicIndustry-minimum number of popups

DefenseWall Personal Firewall is fully compatible with all 3rd party firewall's including, but not limited to Windows Firewall.

Adaptive Automatic Protection - Average and Novice users.
For both Outbound and Inbound Firewall protection, there is no manual configuration or learning mode - just install on a clean system and you are ready to go!  Like DefenseWall HIPS, our Personal Firewall is engineered to provide outstanding protection with the average and novice user in mind.


Whitelisting - Simplified Program Setup
Digitally signed files from trusted vendors will run from the protected 'Download Areas' automatically 'As trusted'.  More information - see Built-in Lists Whitelisting.

(Unauthorized) System Restart Protection
Untrusted programs or processes may attempt system restart -  DefenseWall gives you a warning and you have the control to allow it or deny it.

Outbound Firewall
DefenseWall Personal Firewall controls Untrusted Applications that are connecting to the internet and warns you if a program is not under the outbound rules. Trusted applications are free to go, but you can block their Internet access too, with functions that are very simple to use.  See Outbound Firewall chapter.

Inbound Firewall
DefenseWall Personal Firewall automatically blocks open listening ports of all the Trusted processes.  If you have any applications that require open ports, just set it as Untrusted and that's it.  The reason is simple - if this application has any vulnerability and gets exploited,  it is protected and contained by DefenseWall Sandboxing.  See Inbound Firewall chapter.

DefenseWall Inbound Firewall supports manual ports installation mode.

Standard Profiles for Advanced-Expert Use only!
· Direct Internet Connection
· Wireless Internet Connection
· Home/Work LAN

Standard Profiles are pre-configured for each connection environment and Ports can be added or removed from the Inbound list.   The Green Checkmark Icon graphic indicates closed ports.  If  one  starts using manual port blocking, Adaptive Automatic Mode switches off.

Disable Firewall Protection
In the same manner as disabling HIPS protection,  after selecting to disable the inbound or outbound firewall protection, the particular menu item will show graphic check-mark.  See Disable Protections chapter for more information.

graphic When disabling Inbound Firewall, ensure Windows Firewall (or other firewall) is enabled beforehand or stop/disconnect internet connection. 

The following secondary icon(s) appear in the Tray area to indicate disabled firewall protection:

· graphic Inbound Firewall disabled.

· graphic Outbound Firewall disabled.

· graphic Inbound and Outbound Firewall disabled.


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