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Go Banking/Shopping mode is a special browser mode that allows safe access to online banking and shopping accounts.  When Go Banking is started, all other untrusted applications and processes are closed and the browser that was selected for Go Banking will launch.

DefenseWall now has its own 'Go Banking/Shopping Browser' that allows you to perform transactions without closing your everyday browser or other untrusted processes.

While in this mode, your information is safe from untrusted applications and processes.  Access Go Banking/Shopping via the Main Program Button or the Tray Icon - Main Menu.

graphic Run browser as trusted - check box
 Not recommended unless absolutely necessary.


In some countries, financial institutions will not allow users to connect to their accounts under DefenseWall protection, therefore, the option to run the browser in Go Banking/Shopping mode 'As Trusted' is now available. 

Browser Bar in Go Banking/Shopping:


When using your regular browser, complete your transactions, do not go to other sites - close your browser immediately and reopen in the usual manner (regular Untrusted).

DefenseWall Built-in Browser with basic functions


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