graphic Inbound Firewall

Inbound Firewall
Inbound Firewall has two main modes of operation: 'Adaptive Automatic Protection' (for average-novice users)
and Manual Protection 'Profiles' (for advanced users).

Adaptive Automatic Protection allows you to forget about ports setup, automatically blocking open listening ports of all the Trusted processes.  Adaptive Automatic mode is preset and does not accept changes.  If you have an application that requires a port opened, just set it as Untrusted in the Untrusted Applications List. It is protected by Defensewall's Sandbox system.  (If a computer is within a domain, DefenseWall automatically opens #445, 135, 137, 138, 139 ports.)

Green Checkmark Icon graphic indicates closed ports.


'Allow' button lets you open (allow) needed ports which are closed by Adaptive Automatic Protection and remove (close) those added.


After selecting actions to perform, click the Apply button which is now active.
OK closes the program interface back to the system tray.

graphic Manual Protection  - for Advanced Users only!
If  using manual port blocking, Adaptive Automatic Protection mode switches off.

Manual Profiles:
· Direct Internet Connection - computers connected directly to the internet

· Wireless Internet Connection - computers connected to the internet through a wireless router or hub.

· Home/Work LAN -  networked computers connected through LAN.

Profiles are pre-configured for each connection environment and ports can be added or removed from the Inbound list. 
Green Checkmark Icon graphic indicates closed ports.

Click the Inbound button which opens the Inbound Port Protection panel and then click Profiles.


Click Manual Protection and select a Profile.


Select a profile - click Add port - use the up/down arrows or just type in the port # and click OK.


Don't forget to click Apply!

Remove a port
Select port # - Remove - OK - Apply!


Disable Inbound Firewall - see Disable Protections chapter for more information.

graphic When disabling Inbound Firewall, ensure Windows Firewall (or other) is enabled beforehand or stop/disconnect your internet connection. 

· graphic Inbound Firewall disabled.
· graphic Inbound and Outbound Firewall disabled.


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