graphic DefenseWall Personal Firewall - Introduction

New Stronghold in Your System’s Line of Defence!

graphic  DefenseWall Personal Firewall  integrated with DefenseWall HIPS combines the power of our Personal Firewall and Host-based Intrusion Prevention system to keep your whole system safe from intrusions, viruses, spyware, adware, worms, rootkits, key loggers and malicious malware. 

DefenseWall Personal Firewall will protect your personal and confidential information from being stolen or compromised (data theft protection) and will also protect your Removable Devices (CD/DVD/USB) from the risks of shared media and files.

Using the next generation of proactive protection - sandboxing and virtualization - DefenseWall Personal Firewall helps you achieve a maximum level of protection against malicious content, without the need for special knowledge and online detections updates.

The internet is a marvelous resource - but in just seconds, your system can be infected or damaged, your personal and financial information stolen, your computer silently 'owned' and used by hacker programs without your knowledge, because the internet is also a very dangerous place.  How do you know that site is really safe?  How do you know that software or music or video or other file you want to view or download is not going to infect your computer?  It's impossible to tell!  And the 'social' web - poses greater than ever risks!

Anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware do not guarantee system protection - they are only as good as the detections or signatures issued.  The vendors must examine new viruses or malware, decode it and write new detections (signatures); by that time, hackers have already released a new version of the virus.  Viruses and malware are also written to 'morph' into new strains (automatically change into another form and another form and another form); hackers are steps ahead in the game and the vicious cycle just continues.  This kind of 'reactive' security software does not protect you from the exploits that are being released on a daily basis.  Anti-virus/scanning technology is old technology.

DefenseWall Personal Firewall will protect you NOW from both known and unknown threats.      Because DefenseWall  protection does not rely on signatures or heuristics, daily  updates are not required to provide full-strength protection.  There is no need for constant, real-time scanning. 

Best of all - DefenseWall is very lightweight and unobtrusive. Unlike 'noisy' programs always asking you what you want to do with this or that process or file - you will hardly know it's there - and you don't have to 'train' it

DefenseWall is engineered to be simplicity itself!

DefenseWall does not limit the use of your computer, programs, files or internet in any way, like some security programs. 

DefenseWall is really Easy to Use.  You can surf the internet, install new software and enjoy your computer the way you should - and you can relax, knowing that whatever other users do, it will not harm your system.

DefenseWall  is your quiet sentry - on duty and protecting your computer system from damage and theft at all times!

DefenseWall's System of Protection is explained in the next topic.


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