graphic What are Key Loggers?

A Key Logger captures all of the key strokes you enter. This allows the capture of sensitive information (passwords, logins, your bank account and credit card information, etc.) which hackers can use to steal your identity, access online accounts and compromise your system security.  There are two general categories of Key Loggers:

Traditional Key Loggers

Traditional key loggers comprise about 80% of all key loggers identified. DefenseWall blocks this key logger activity so it can no longer read keystrokes.

Advanced Key Loggers

Advanced key loggers use key logging schemes that cannot be simply blocked by DefenseWall because some necessary, but untrusted applications would not work correctly.  Therefore, there may be a need for DefenseWall to prompt for user interaction. 


graphicOk - in fact, you may have a certain program that acts like a keylogger, and you wish to allow it.  Professional Malware Testers want to run such files for study purposes.  You don't!

graphicDo not show me this event anymore: Check the box if you do not wish to be alerted if the same process runs again in future.

graphicTerminate: Stop this process dead in its tracks!

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