graphic Main Menu

The Main Menu is available by right-clicking the Tray Icon.  graphic

Click item to select it.

Launches the Main Program Interface (also by double-clicking the Tray Icon).

Expert Mode
For Advanced Users only -  default, built-in protection is greatly reduced. 
See Expert Mode for more information.

Disable HIPS, Disable Firewall Inbound, Disable Outbound Protection
See topic Disable Protections - for more information.

Go Banking/Shopping
See topic Go Banking/Shopping

Additional Commands
See topic Additional Commands - for more information.                             

Stop Attack
Terminates all Untrusted processes running on your system.
(just like the Big Red Button does).

Check for Updates
Opens the Check for Updates option to start online update.

Switch skinning off
Turn off themed appearance - use basic graphical user interface(GUI).

Opens this Help file.

Online Support
Launches your browser to our Support Forums.
Displays program information, version, contact links, and registration (license) details.

Exit GUI
Closes the program interface.  DefenseWall service is still running and protection is 100% active.


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