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The Windows®  Update Shortcut Icon in the Start Menu will run Internet Explorer 'As trusted' in order to install all updates successfully.  (The regular IE shortcut icon runs Internet Explorer as Untrusted and updates may fail to install correctly.)

Microsoft® Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) opens all documents within one single process.  That is why if you have some trusted Microsoft Office document already opened, in case you open an Untrusted document (with open file menu or double-click on untrusted document on your hard drive or as attachment) this single process will be turned to untrusted.

Therefore, if your Trusted documents previously opened are not on the Defense Excludes List, it will be impossible to save them under old names.

Possible solutions are:
1) Temporarily add those Trusted documents to the Defense Excludes List and save under old names.  They will be marked as Untrusted.

2) Save under new names.  They will be marked as Untrusted.


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