graphicOutbound Firewall

Outbound Firewall
· Built-in Untrusted Applications and processes are automatically set to 'Allow for untrusted' internet access (if not restricted by built-in rule).

· Items added to Untrusted List will automatically be set to 'Allow for untrusted' internet access.

· Other applications installed/run Untrusted will request user to allow access via popup.


Stop attack!: will close all untrusted processes currently running.

Stop process: will terminate the process immediately.

Allow:  will allow internet access (untrusted)

Block:  will stop internet access.

DefenseWall Personal Firewall, by default, blocks the ports that are being used by Trusted processes.  Trusted processes are allowed Internet access by
default,  if it's not set with built-in firewall ruleset.  If you have any applications that require internet access (open port) just add it to Untrusted Applications module/list. If this application has any vulnerability and is exploited, it is protected and contained by DefenseWall Sandboxing. 

DefenseWall Personal Firewall controls Untrusted Applications that are connecting to the internet and warns you if a program is not under the outbound rules.


Add File/Folder:
Add a file or folder for internet access and set rule
· Allow for untrusted
· Deny for untrusted
· Deny for trusted and untrusted.

Default, built-in items cannot be removed.

Modify permissions including to deny access for Default, Built-in items.
(Context menu: select item, right-click - allows modify or delete item)

Refresh the list after changes.




Allowed files:
Displays  a  dialog box if a user wants to allow or deny a .dll file created by untrusted processes and not known as good by Whitelisting, to  be loaded into a process allowed, to have Internet access.  Click the 'Allowed files' button to display the list. Items can be removed from within the list.

Disable Outbound Firewall - see Disable Protections chapter for more information.

· graphic  Outbound Firewall disabled.
· graphic Inbound and Outbound Firewall disabled.


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