graphic System Restart Control

Push the System Restart Control button to access this list and functions.


DefenseWall does not allow Untrusted applications or processes to restart your computer without your approval.  Applications that update a critical system file, drivers or running processes, often require system restart for changes to take effect. System Restart Control causes all untrusted applications to request your approval to restart your machine.

(Automatic restart is often programmed into rogue software, trojans, worms and rootkits to finalize the installation and take control of your computer.) 

System Restart Control also allows you to manually set 'allow or deny restart' to select files and folders.  You can Add, Remove and Modify items and exceptions here, remove previously set  items and modify between allow or deny.


After selecting actions to perform, click the Apply button which is now active.
OK closes the program interface back to the system tray.


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