graphic Setup and User Preferences

Basic Setup for the Average User

DefenseWall's powerful protection is in place straight 'out-of-the-box'.  Most well-known browsers and other internet-facing applications are already protected by default. 

You may be using some applications that are not so 'mainstream' and need to be added manually to the untrusted zone. 

Two areas found in the Main Program Interface require your attention - Untrusted Applications and Advanced.   All other modules take care of themselves. 

1) Untrusted Applications

Shortly after start-up, DefenseWall scans your system for Default Untrusted applications and processes based on the Built-in Untrusted database (threat gateways) and placed them in the Untrusted Applications list.


Please take a moment to review the  Built-in Default Untrusted list of well-known, most-used threat gateways.  You will see several applications that you are probably using regularly.

Please review your installed programs and portable applications that should be added to the Untrusted Applications list (other browsers, Email clients, IM/chat, P2P, download managers, media players, etc, that are not on the list).

Note: support is built-in for Portable Firefox, Thunderbird and Opera - the executable file (.exe) must be added manually to the Untrusted list.

Add any other applications executable file (.exe) to the Untrusted Applications list that you are using which are not in the Built-in Default list and are 'threat gateways'. When you click Add...., Windows Explorer will open - navigate to the the location and select the file you want to add.


After selecting actions to perform, click the Apply button which is now active.

OK closes the program interface back to the system tray.

2) Advanced:  Options and other Preferences

DefenseWall is pre-set with basic, default options suitable for the Average/Novice user.  We suggest setting up a few more options now.  You can read about all settings in the  Advanced - Options topic.

In the Main Program Window select the Advanced module to set your personal preferences.

These are the pre-set, default options: 


You might like to set up Secured Files, other Download Areas and Password Protection right now, especially if you have other users.

Secured Files
Deny access by any untrusted application or process to your sensitive and private files and folders.


Download Areas
DefenseWall automatically picks up default download areas when installed.
If you set up custom or alternate download locations,  add now.


Password Protection
Administrator or Power User rights required!
Password Protection prevents program settings from being changed and will limit other users' rights.


For more information about Options and Settings see Advanced/Options.

For Personal Firewall functions and settings see the Firewall chapter.


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