graphic Using DefenseWall

Getting DefenseWall up and running is easy because full protection for every-day use for the 'novice - average'  user is already in place. 

You will not be continually asked to make difficult decisions nor be bombarded with a multitude of pop-ups. 

There are some optional settings to enhance function and protection and extended features and controls for the expert-power user.

This chapter contains the following topics with easy-to-understand instructions:

·  Installation
·  Setup & Preferences
·  Automatic Updates
·  Day-to-Day Use
·  Uninstalling

DefenseWall has an industry-minimum number of notifications and warnings for your guidance and protection. 

graphic Ensure that your system is 'clean' before installing DefenseWall. 
Any pre-existing malware or infected files on your computer prior to installing any security software can still actively compromise or damage your system.

If you are not starting with a fresh system installation, do a full system scan with a good anti-virus and anti-malware application.  It may also be beneficial to do an online scan with one of the anti-virus providers as a secondary safety measure.


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