graphic Tray Icon Notification

Basic information provided via the system Tray Icon is the number of Untrusted processes currently running:

graphic  No Untrusted applications/processes currently running.

graphic  Two Untrusted processes (in the Untrusted applications List) running.

With Alarm notification via tray icon option.

 graphic  Normal
No Untrusted applications/processes currently running.

graphic  Warning
One Untrusted process has made possible dangerous actions that have been blocked;  one unknown, untrusted process currently running.

graphic  Protection disabled!

In the Advanced  Options dialog, you may set up Alarm notification via tray icon. When enabled,  the icon will turn red when any Untrusted application or process runs whether in the Untrusted Application List or not, unless it has been previously Filtered in the Events Log.


If you filter events via the Events log  - Filter functionality - when the same events are generated you will not see entries in the Events log nor will the Tray Icon turn red for these items even if  Alarm notification via tray icon is checked.

The following secondary icon(s) appears in the Tray area to indicate disabled firewall protection:

graphic Inbound Firewall disabled.

graphic Outbound Firewall disabled.

graphic Inbound and Outbound Firewall disabled.


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